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It's important to acknowledge that writing 4,000 words last month was really something. For the longest time a project like that seemed out of the question. So even though the writing turned out to be a mess, it got done, and I can't overlook the fact that the worst of the writer's block seems to be gone.

Okay. Here is my vaporwave-themed ticker for August 2015:

(I was going to do a Sharknado-themed ticker, but when I saw the purple palm trees I couldn't resist paying homage to such a grand aesthetic.)

The goal hasn't gone up from 4,000 words, and won't until I comfortably make that goal, whenever that happens.

The rules for this month: anything goes, so long as it's fiction. I can start and stop whatever I want to, write in any form (prose, verse, script), be straight forward or experimental, etc. The idea is to keep the words flowing and the ideas taking shape. All writing for this project will be kept in a single Evernote doc for easy word counting and convenient access.

UPDATE 1: August 4

Okay, I've done practically nothing, and I've realized anew that chara interaction is such a weakness for me now that it pretty much kills early attempts at storytelling. So a play or script format may be the best thing to try. To force myself to write interactions and dialogue.

Swung by FictionPress, which I hadn't signed into in ages. Remembered that I would like to write something Christian. That category has very few posts when compared to, say, romance or fantasy. But for some reason I feel utterly insufficient for spiritual writing. Considering the nonsense you can find out there (God's Not Dead, anyone?) I should not feel any such thing. But there you go.

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