Aug. 1st, 2015

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A new month, a new fitness ticker! Since I did so well last month, clocking in at 168 miles (28 more than my goal), I've decided to up the ante a bit and make August's goal 150 miles. I've already walked 3 before 11 AM, and I'm hardly done today.

For this month I plan on increasing my exercise time in the gym with an emphasis on endurance and calorie burn; greater tension on the elliptical and higher grades on the treadmill will be the emphasis rather than improving time spent on interval running. We'll see what the changes do for my muscles and my figure. When it comes to steps counted, not sure whether there will be a difference or not.

Behold the new ticker!

Making a new ticker each time I set a goal is easily one of the most fun aspects of these projects.

UPDATE 1, AUGUST 1ST Okay, ten miles on day one. Excellent. I've decided that August should be a month of strength- and endurance training and this is a great start.

UPDATE 2, AUGUST 7TH This week has been kind of rough. I had been planning on not weighing myself this month, but I believe I will check out my weight tomorrow, to see the results of increasing my gym time and changing up what I do. Because I'm worn out.

Fitbit overestimated my mileage by .8 mile. This is probably because the grade was high for 40 minutes, and read my steps as going hard and far, when in reality I was just working on not falling backwards off Treadmill Hill. But I haven't been rounding up when logging miles- yesterday I lost over .9 mile that way- so it should all even out.

UPDATE, AUGUST 9TH Oooookay, on July 25th I weighted 115.6, and today the scale gave me the numbers 112. This week felt rough for a reason.

I have to find a way to balance all the exercise I want to do with my calorie consumption. I must be burning energy like crazy. Meanwhile, my muscle percentage has gone up nicely, so there is that. Water percentage is also good, doubtlessly because I have been drinking about 90 ounces daily, in addition to the water naturally occurring in all the fruit I've been eating. It must not be too much water, since I don't get headaches or whatever. Fat percentage was only 18% which really is kind of low. I want to fix that, add a percentage point or two.

UPDATE, AUGUST 14TH Today is the first day I haven't been able to properly exercise according to schedule in a very long time. I took a couple Tylenol before leaving the house for the gym, but when it had felt weird and bad to stand at the sink for dish washing that should have told me something. I could have taken feeling tired on the treadmill. I turned it down to 3 MPH but kept the 10% grade, hoping that would do it. Feeling sick, though, even after adjusting intensity? No. That's my wall. I'm not the sort to exercise through illness. I do not ever want to be the sort who exercises till I puke. I consider queasiness a warning sign that I should quit. So I quit (the machine said I had burned 118 calories anyway). Went home and had lunch. Unusually hungry.

I think I will still walk a lot, though. Walking in a circle while reading has been quite good for calorie burn in the past.

UPDATE, AUGUST 20TH At 127 miles logged, my Fitbit has run out of battery power. So here is what I am thinking:

I don't really need the gamification aspect to keep me moving, so I probably won't get a new battery any time soon.

This means I won't be sure of how many miles I am going (though considering I only had 23 to go this month, it's a sure bet that I will make the goal, in gym time alone if nothing else).

So I'll drop this goal, going as normal, and starting next month go for hours spent exercising. For instance, two hours at the gym on Monday, then 1.5 hours on walking with half an hour of weight training is another two hours on Tuesday. Four hours altogether. I won't expect ten hours from myself every week, though, since things happen. Let's go for eight, meaning 32 hours in the month of September. I can earn those hours any way I like, so long as it actually counts as exercise (walking indoors or out, gym time, weight lifting, YouTube aerobics, etc.).

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It's important to acknowledge that writing 4,000 words last month was really something. For the longest time a project like that seemed out of the question. So even though the writing turned out to be a mess, it got done, and I can't overlook the fact that the worst of the writer's block seems to be gone.

Okay. Here is my vaporwave-themed ticker for August 2015:

(I was going to do a Sharknado-themed ticker, but when I saw the purple palm trees I couldn't resist paying homage to such a grand aesthetic.)

The goal hasn't gone up from 4,000 words, and won't until I comfortably make that goal, whenever that happens.

The rules for this month: anything goes, so long as it's fiction. I can start and stop whatever I want to, write in any form (prose, verse, script), be straight forward or experimental, etc. The idea is to keep the words flowing and the ideas taking shape. All writing for this project will be kept in a single Evernote doc for easy word counting and convenient access.

UPDATE 1: August 4

Okay, I've done practically nothing, and I've realized anew that chara interaction is such a weakness for me now that it pretty much kills early attempts at storytelling. So a play or script format may be the best thing to try. To force myself to write interactions and dialogue.

Swung by FictionPress, which I hadn't signed into in ages. Remembered that I would like to write something Christian. That category has very few posts when compared to, say, romance or fantasy. But for some reason I feel utterly insufficient for spiritual writing. Considering the nonsense you can find out there (God's Not Dead, anyone?) I should not feel any such thing. But there you go.

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