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I find myself wanting to create something but don't know what to create. And here are some thoughts:

For some reason it can be hard to make myself move to do something artistic. I could draw, but I have to get out the art supplies which are on the floor right now, a terrible place to keep art supplies. My digital tablet is on the desk upstairs, but for some reason pulling it out from under laundry and plugging it in and letting it recalibrate if necessary makes me feel exhausted. Just thinking of it makes me exhausted.

I could fold origami, but that would involve going upstairs, getting on the floor and folding there. I am downstairs right now. Kind of feel locked into staying here, for some reason.

I could write, but no idea where to begin and imagining writing anything makes my brain tired.

I could take out the clay I bought, the clay I've never used, and just mold something- a darned bowl, even- but... I don't know, again I have to take it out and clear an area on the table and blah blah blah.

Why does everything feel like so much work? Why does each step feel like a hassle? I am not lazy; I wash dishes and do laundry and vacuum the floor and do everything else that needs doing. No, I just feel weary when I imagine creativity. Too weary to do anything.

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