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My July Running Challenge ticker seems to have vanished from the Ticker Factory servers, so I made another one. Am posting it here for safe keeping.

Yesterday I took a break from the gym because my left ankle felt a little too tired and achy. Walked around the park in Carmel instead. Only got 4 miles in all day, but today will hopefully make up for that (if the gym isn't busy for the holiday).

At any rate, yesterday I went ahead and gave it up for Panda Express, because a side effect of living day to day is you find yourself thinking "I could die at any time, it would suck for the day I am living to be less than awesome." Not sure how to balance memento mori with prudent denial. Carefully assembled a lunch in the Panda Express nutrition calculator then saw it shot to hell as the actual shop didn't have mixed veg or broccoli beef. Okay, fine, I got a ton of white rice, as well as orange chicken, which I had planned to get anyway, and sweetfire chicken, which I had not. I'd always been afraid before of the name and the red bell peppers clearly added to label the heat of the dish. But it turned out to be not hot at all, and was one of the best things I've tasted from Panda Express. So it was a good meal and worth the nearly 1,000 calories it ended up costing.

I kept the day's calorie count under 2,000 and still got in some fruit servings. Today will be not so good, of course, and tomorrow is Chinese-buffet day at Journey, so yeah. Gym today. GYM TODAY.

UPDATE- JULY 24: Ok, this is the second ticker that's broken on me. Not happy. At any rate, I am at 137 miles, so I should finish with plenty of days to spare. Yeah!

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