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I'm kind of tired but making myself write so this may be passionless.

Only just now checked Spotify's new albums for Tuesday. Looks like a lot of good things to check out, though I notice the new Tiesto album was bumped up from last week, so that it comes across as a new release two Tuesdays in a row. Something tells me that those spots are paid for, which would explain why so many albums appear under the "new release" category late, and so many never appear at all. If it weren't for's weekly list of new material I'd miss a lot.

I don't know what the heck is with The Blow-Off, one of the novels I randomly checked out of the Irvington branch library. Not sure why an author would even bother with a book that basically just grumbles but says little, if anything. The main chara is a racist homophobe who hates pretty much everyone and thinks very highly of himself, and various traits make him remind me way too much of a certain someone. Got to say, I didn't realize there was any guy quite like that under the age of 60. I'm probably going to finish the book- it's a fairly fast read- but maybe mostly because you just don't see stuff like this every day. It's a good thing we don't.

Reading an e-book about the Rwandan genocide, probably because the situation in Myanmar is on my mind. The genocide in Rwanda was mind-bogglingly efficient, with about 75% of all the Tutsi people murdered by May (the slaughter began in April). The more I read about Rwanda during that time, the more I wonder what anyone thinks we were supposed to do. The government in that country called for it; the Hutu public became a tidal wave of machetes that killed day by day by day. Short of invading the nation and waging war, there was nothing. In the end, the genocide was stopped by a rebel army of Tutsi people.

The white West must accept that we are only human, and can only do so much, and cannot even tend our own garden well.

I tripped across an apparition of the Virgin Mary known as Our Lady of Kibeho, seen in south-west Rwanda in the 1980s by schoolchildren. She seemed to have predicted the genocide, and called for prayer to stop it.

My only issue with this alleged apparition is that it follows a pattern seen in many visions: predict horrible event, call for prayer and a return to the Lord. Does this ever work? Do people actually pray and repent and prevent anything? If time and again this is all a vision has to say and nothing is prevented, I'm not sure how much faith I should put in its authenticity. The Tutsi people had been oppressed before the genocide; it's possible that violence and death was not hard to predict for anyone.

Can't ignore, though, this bit of disturbing info:

The school where the visions occurred became a place of slaughter during the genocide as dozens of children were hacked to death by Hutu terrorists. Some of the visionaries were among the victims. - Wikipedia

I wonder if the murderers gave any thought to the location.

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