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I have to make dinner soon, but here's a quick post:

The treadmill in the apartment complex's gym has been fixed! Let's see how long this lasts, heh. It was great to use it again; I set it to 3.5 MPH at an incline of 7. At the end the machine said I burned 383 calories. Wow, I knew it was a serious workout- I actually had to stop and drink water at the halfway mark- but I was still surprised. The treadmill will help me train even harder for the 5K in March.

Okay, it's now nearly 9 PM. Other stuff that happened today. I made a phone call and it wasn't a complete disaster! First I wrote a script so I wouldn't blather, and that was effective. I was just calling Half Price because I couldn't find a book I'd just bought and thought it might have been left behind at the cash register. After phoning I found the book- on a shelf. Okay, go me. >.> But the point is, I MADE A PHONE CALL.

And said "Have a good day" to the older guy at the gym right before I left. Heck yeah! Watamote is real life!

Got my first Prime Pantry box. It could have been packed better, but the Tressemme shampoo is pretty good, and I'm looking forward to my pita chips. Kellen liked getting the bag of animal crackers. Success!

Accomplished: Watched the last episode of Magical Girl Raising Project
Did one page in the book Dot-To-Dot Mindfulness
Got my music board on Pinterest to 398 albums
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