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I would really like to make an interactive story using the Twine application. Even a short one. Something to share, mostly.

Of course, there is still the interactive-story Tumblr idea. Using images from Flickr I could do a lot with that. It doesn't have to be a great work of literature, just a good experience for readers/players.

I would probably make it a bit meta. Using my idea of being a minor chara in someone's novel, that is. The reader/player could choose to insert themselves into the main chara's plot, create their own story, or revolt by starting an anti-author cult.

But if I try too hard, this may fall by the wayside like everything else has. So let's keep it light, eh?

It seems harmless enough. Complicated storylines and mass quantities of details are not desirable in interactive fiction, so there is that.
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Started reading The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Jean-Dominique Bauby's personal account of living with locked-in syndrome. It's a brief little book, written over ten months as Bauby blinked his left eyelid- one of the last parts of him that he could move- and dictated to someone who penned one letter at a time.

There were days, early on in his paralyzed condition, when he believed that he would recover.

"Indeed, my roving mind was busy with a thousand projects: a novel, travel, a play, marketing a fruit cocktail of my own invention. (Don't ask for the recipe; I have forgotten it.)

Day by day I feel my wasted time threading past me. Few things make me aware of that quite like this book.

I'm a little ashamed to even feel grateful for what I have, considering how I spend it all.

Then I remind myself- it isn't like I don't try to write, draw, create anything by any means. Everything feels so tiring and heavy. And pointless. Pretty much no matter what I am doing I sense the tug to do something more important. (Unless i am doing dishes or laundry. Those things are important, because they are useful.)

Trying to create feels like a waste of time itself. Just staring at the laptop screen and telling myself to reach for my sketchbook. Telling myself to open Evernote. Try. Try. Telling myself to try. That takes time too.

If I could not create, if the opportunity to even try dropped away from me, I'd want to do nothing more than write and write and write and draw.

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This is my writer's block blog. I needed somewhere to post freely about the block and its effects on my emotional health.

It is a safe space for me and anyone who suffers from artistic blocks. I am completely exhausted by those who claim writer's block does not exist, whether they are judgmental or perky about it.

You don't have to know why it started. You don't have to predict when it will end. You don't have to beat yourself up over it. You don't have to let others tell you that you are just lazy. You know how much work you put into trying to write. You know how much you wish you could create again.

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