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4,000 words in July! That's the goal now. 250 words, 4 days a week.

Ever so slightly challenging, but not impossible, I think, in my current state.

Here is a ticker I made to keep track of my progress.

Who am I kidding, it's a reward for progress.


Well, that was unexpected. A completely unexpected story. But I like the first 520 words. Who knows what will happen in this thing.

...Why won't my ticker update. In the text editor it now shows the progress, but not in the saved post. I've tried various things, including using different codes and deleting the ticker to start over. Nothing works. wtf. I have to google this.

Oh, now it's updated! Maybe it just takes a while.

UPDATE 2: It's July 4th and I'm 1,645 words into a story set in my Fifth Kingdom world. It just turned into that, which wasn't at all what I had in mind at first. This feels awesome, and a bit scary, as I do something I used to do all the time: write and see what happens as the story assembles itself. You don't even know where all the parts are coming from, the story just picks up components and screws them into itself.

UPDATE 3: July 7. Yesterday I tried following the scene I had planned and put down very few words. So today I let that drop and had the main chara do something else. I also realized that interactions exhaust me. When I try to show charas together or speaking together, affecting each other, I feel tired and weak. A story about people is too heavy to lift. It's far easier to have a chara thinking or speaking essentially to themself.

So this is something severely in the way of my writing. Stories tend to be about charas interacting.

UPDATE 4: July 9. 1,000 words left, and yes, it's the interactions I can't manage, as well as clear images in my head of what a scene would look like. Interesting skills to misplace. I'm going to have to do specific exercises to get back the ability to write interactions and scenes because you can't write without those.

UPDATE 5: July 18, still 1,000 words left. I see now that I should have set my challenge's rules to require 4,000 words of fiction about anything, not 4,000 words of a single scenario. I just don't care about the scene that has tumbled into being with this project and I would love to switch to something else. But I hate the idea of changing the rules while the project is going on. This has meant a lot of wasted days without writing. Next challenge will have very different, more flexible rules.

UPDATE 6: July 31. There we are, the dog walked all the way across the city. I finished writing by just letting my chara ramble off topic. It was interesting rambling, though.

August's writing challenge must be more flexible. 4,000 or so words about anything, so long as it is fiction. Tiny bits of flash fiction, even, anything that amounts to 4,000 words.

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