May. 28th, 2015

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Just got back from Goodwill on a quest for a spatula to replace the old one last that took up melting while turning pancakes. I did indeed get a spatula, for only 50 cents, as well as a couple other things:
  • a 180-page wireless notebook for 99 cents
  • a copy of the paranoid Phil Phillips classic, Saturday Morning Mind Control, also for 99 cents
That last one was completely unexpected. I could not resist. I very much look forward to seeing Philips hotly condemn the 1980s cartoons and video games that are now considered "classic" and "quality".

The notebook may or may not be a good buy. I have loose notebook paper, but my plan to doodle/scribble on one page a day and put it back in the package didn't pan out. So okay, let's see what happens with a notebook. Just doodle. Just scribble. It's cheap paper. I owe it nothing.

I have to spend more free time on reading. There is just way too much that I want to read. Jeff Somers, on his Barnes & Noble blog, just recced some insanely complicated and lengthy fantasy/sci-fi series from the 1980s that I will probably want to check out. Meanwhile I'm 20% through the book about the Rwandan genocide, have The Disaster Artist lined up as my next e-read, and am still only a third of the way into The Blow-Off. After that last novel, it's on to one of the other two dead-tree books I got from Irvington. At least I only have 30 minutes left in The Hundred-Foot Journey, which I should certainly be able to finish while exercising tomorrow. Hopefully then I can get back to the audio edition of Delicious Foods (though I have to find my place again).

Seriously, so many books, especially since I also want to cash in some 30-minute blocks of time for anime. But I definitely need to cut the time wasted on Twitter and such. It's pointless, it's the junk food of mental stimulation.

btw today I found out people are writing "YES NO YES NO" around a cross made of pencils because they are trying to summon a demon named Charlie. WHY ON EARTH ARE THEY DOING THAT. NO, NO DEMON CONJURING, STOP IT PEOPLE

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