May. 24th, 2015

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Well, that can of Mike's Harder Lemonade was a waste of 400 calories.

All I did was the same thing I did last time I had alcohol. I distracted myself with entertainment- Kellen selected a movie on Netflix called Icetastrophe- ate sweets even though I wasn't hungry (1,200 calories worth of cookies), then went to bed for a couple hours. All in all neither experience was worth writing home about. And I'll have to spend all week working off those calories. I don't see the appeal.

So anyway I've been thinking that when writing I should try to come up with something more mundane as a beginning. A lot of fiction starts with a mundane beginning, building up from there. A lot of bad fiction, I have noticed, tries to be awesome and attention-grabbing from line one. I bet starting with a simple scene not only eases the reader into the story but also indicates a certain level of confidence in one's writing abilities.

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