May. 20th, 2015

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Putting together a Spotify playlist for mornings because today I tried to play a local radio station and it was very annoying. I could tell music was not a top priority for them. I want at least 100 songs for this playlist so shuffle mode will rotate awesome variety. It's harder to select 100 tracks than it looked.

So far I have 12.

More than a third of the way through The Hundred-Foot Journey and I have to say that it is at least 80% description but it's well suited for audio because there will be this scene that meticulously describes food sold at a marketplace and then I will realize my mind wandered for a couple minutes but it's okay because the narration is probably still describing the marketplace. Trying to read this book would likely have bored me to tears. But it's perfect for literal storytelling.

I don't know how good at Hearthstone I want to get. How much time I want to spend on it.

Listening to the latest album from Pitbull and every single track, without exception, is either:
  • guest starring another musician, anyone from Chris Brown to Jennifer Lopez
  • from the Penguins of Madagascar soundtrack
It's like Pitbull has ceased to be a person and has become a promotion solutions source.

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