May. 19th, 2015

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Listening to the new Faith No More album and I don't know what to say about this thing, so I'll just mention that it is 39 minutes long. I've noticed that a lot of albums are short these days, probably because of how music is sold these days. When we regularly bought CDs we tended to want a decent number of songs taking up space on the disc, since we knew a CD could hold at least an hour's worth of information. Now that we buy MP3s, it doesn't really matter. So albums today can be only half an hour long, or they can be 90 minutes. Especially since you can just pick and choose which individual tracks you want, eschewing the rest. This probably leads to a more thoughtful tempo in albums, since an artist won't need filler or can make the track list as long as it needs to be.

Thinking about hitting the gym again today, since I can and can easily (I have the key today), but I also am not sure I shouldn't take a rest day from cardio. At home I can do my usual walking thing and I can do a little lifting, and variety is good, so... yeah, I should probably not bother with the gym today.

First day playing priest class. My priest deck sucks. The first game I drew pretty much only spell cards and for the second, pretty much NO spell cards. Something tells me there is little to no balance in this deck. Priests can be ultra-powerful, I have been destroyed by priests, so I need to do better than this. Though of course it will be better after I have leveled up that class to the max and have all the basic cards.
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Someone knocked on a door nearby- not on our door, just a door near enough for me to hear it- and it still made my heart drop, muscles stiffen, defensive chemicals rush.

My muscle memory is shot all to hell. Any knock on a door will have that effect- sometimes even hearing a door knock on TV can scare me. Even when I know there will be someone coming to the door the effect is there, dampened only by foreknowledge and preparing for the moment.

Add this to my more recent fear of sending/receiving mail and my waxing-waning aversion to interactions and I honestly don't know where the end of this will be. I don't know what to do.

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