May. 18th, 2015

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This weekend was a couple of noteworthy cheat days so I'm skipping breakfast this morning. I mean, I'm not even hungry. The prevailing theory is that you must NEVER SKIP A MEAL but I've done it before and it's no big deal. So today should be a reasonable 1,550 calories, with exercise on top as I make today Laundry Day.

Back to a normal schedule, outside of breakfast. It's funny that by Friday I am so in need of a break from routine that I could riot but after the weekend, Monday is kind of welcome. Back to healthy eating, exercise, and wholesome work.

Speaking of work, I have to keep up on the weeds this week. I've already weeded twice this spring but they are popping up again. They are fast, so I'm glad I can take care of the yard now.

Right now I'm listening to a playlist built by Spotify, called "The Happy Hipster". It is 11 hours and 35 minutes long, with 194 songs. In other words I could listen to this thing all day long and not run out of new material. I'm not really sure why I'm noting this but it seems interesting. I mean, when I was a kid you'd turn on the radio and run out of new material before an hour was up.

Last night it crossed my mind that probably America's main involvement in the Rohingya crisis will be writing novels about it within the next fifteen years.

The Obama administration is urging Southeast Asian countries to take in the refugees but after the stunt we pulled regarding children escaping violence in South America, the United States has no room to tell anyone to play host.

"Practice hospitality" may be one of the hardest directives in the Bible. Even money is easier to share than home territory.

Okay, if you Google "how can i help the rohingya" you can see just how bad the situation is. No NGO that I have heard of came up on the first page. Apparently there is a reason for this: according to the New York Times, relief organizations were "kicked out of the Rohingya caps by Burmese authorities." Ah. Not even Doctors Without Borders can get to these people. No idea what's going on in Bangladesh.

And I suppose international waters isn't the place to go, even though the refugee boats are there; certain area nations might take personally a bunch of NGOs around their shores.

There is no way that this isn't a long, drawn-out genocide. No wonder Myanmar is so touchy about being blamed for this.

The Times came up with this list for those who want to help the Rohingya:

1: Read up on the situation. And travel. "Harness your social networks".
2. Pressure Washington to speak "forcefully" about it.
3: Support the cause (that is, donate money to organizations that can only help the few Rohingya who managed to get out of Myanmar).
4: Comment on the Times article.

Every time you read an opinion piece about the crisis, you rescue approximately 1/10th of a Rohingya child! These little things add up!

Oh well, Action Against Hunger does operate in countries where displaced Rohingya live, like Bangladesh. It's better than nothing, and they have an excellent rating on Charity Navigator. The lion's share of their funds come from government grants, though. Not sure how much they even need money from the plebs. Besides, on their home page they spoke of Nepal (earthquake) and Liberia (ebola virus). That's it. No idea how mobilized they are in support of the Rohingya. (I only mention Action Against Hunger because it was in the Times article.)

This is clearly a subject I need to keep an eye on, and I need to help where I can.

I read a piece on NPR called "Why No One Wants the Rohingya" but all it did was talk about how much the Southeast Asian countries don't want immigrants. It wouldn't surprise me if almost nobody outside of the region knows what anyone's problem is with the Rohingya.

Okay, regarding last night's question, it occurred to me that racists spend a lot of time insisting on things that simply aren't true.

Q: Why don't you like this ethnic group/religious group/country's population?
A: They are lazy/criminals/sex maniacs/insane/in control of our government.

(If you are dealing with a particularly honest racist, you may see them claim baffling stuff like "ugly" or "constantly pregnant")

But are these real beliefs that people hold or just things they say when they realize they're being looked at?

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Today's exercise session was wonnnnnderful. Even if that older guy who also regularly exercises did show up to run on the treadmill at a crazy-high grade. That old man could clearly race circles around me. Oh well it isn't a competition. Kind of.

I ran 2 miles in a bit less than 29 minutes. Never thought I could do a thing like that. Today I found myself wondering just how fit I could get. At this age I can't reach the levels I could have ten years ago, but seriously, what can I pull off? That 5K is looking more and more realistic.

Today I read Woody Allen say that he "never knew what Amazon was" before the internet's answer to the Sears & Roebuck catalog begged him to make a show for their streaming service.

"When you said streaming service, it was the first time I’ve heard that term connected with the Amazon thing." - Woody Allen

Note to me: DO NOT GET THIS OLD. You have to age if you don't die, but don't get so out of touch as this. Seriously. Don't do it.

Last night when we spontaneously went to McDonald's, I bought a Big Mac because I've heard sales of this signature sandwich are down and I'm afraid McD's will one day remove it from the menu. I really, really like Big Macs, and dread the day when I discover I can never have another one. So even though I like some of their other items too- the basic quarter pounder is good stuff, McNuggets are always welcome- I can find myself afraid of not ordering the Big Mac. Must enjoy while I can.

Hearthstone, meanwhile, might squeeze money out of me yet, if I can find a spare $25 for Naxxramas. I should probably give any Hearthstone funds to Kellen, though, since he can do a lot more with the game than I can.

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