May. 17th, 2015

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I may not understand something, but that doesn't mean that millions and millions of others don't understand perfectly well.

This comes as a revelation to me for some reason. I just finished the first hour of The Hundred-Foot Journey, which means I got past the part in which Hindu nationalists burn down the main chara's family home and kill the mother. The motive? The family is Muslim.

tbh I did not know persecution of Muslims even went on in India. I am forced to compare this to the persecution of the Rohingya of Myanmar, a minority group that is right now so desperate to flee violence that they have taken to stuffing themselves in boats by the thousands and are being ping-ponged from one shore to the other as every country refuses to take them in. Everyone involved in this situation is Muslim- though perhaps the Rohingya are hated for their particular school of beliefs. I've never heard anything about that. I actually have no idea why anyone has made the Rohingya one of the most hated minority groups on the planet.

So there's what I don't understand. Why hate and attack an entire group of people. It's a childish question, but only because you're supposed to become too jaded to ask it by the time you've grown up. You can't expect an answer.

But here's the thing: why can't I? Millions and millions of people must believe they have an answer. They have a rationale, they justify it to themselves. Why have I read and listened to so much yet still have not the merest inkling of why prejudice like this exists? Am I just not paying attention when racists talk or do they genuinely never express themselves on the matter, perhaps because they think it's all so self-evident?

They have to believe they have an answer. Humans are far too good at justifying themselves.

Of course it is hard to get a straight answer from them. They'll say they aren't racist when confronted, and white supremacists in particular will whine a lot about the preservation of the white race, blah blah, as if white people don't reproduce like fertile laying hens.

It would be one thing if I could say "the answer is idiotic." It's another thing entirely to realize that I straight up *don't understand*, by which I mean the very kernel of racist motives whooshes over my head. Who burns and hangs and stabs and rounds up complete strangers with blood in the eye? MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DO, and suddenly I feel quite alone.

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