May. 14th, 2015

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Playing Hearthstone is kind of a timesuck, but what isn't?

Beat all the normal AI classes, won a couple times against real players in casual mode. My deck feels weak, and I clearly need more cards. But I didn't approach this with big ambitions. It's kind of nice to just do something with no real plans, and no need to succeed. There is no way I would dedicate so many hours to playing the game and studying it; I knew that from the start. So it's okay if I remain mediocre (or even worse). Mostly it's just about doing something fun. And something that makes my brain work.

When I checked out the official Hearthstone forum and saw this thread starter:

"Is this game only about playing legendaries to turn tables and win? its realy annoying that people go running to legendaries to bail them out. GROW SOME BALLS"

I found myself grateful that the game doesn't have an open chat feature.

Wonder why there are so many bad personalities rambling around game communities. I mean, there are unpleasant individuals everywhere, but the so-called spirit of competition really draws an unappealing crowd. Video games are taking heat for that these days but strictly speaking a lot of chess players are terrible while at the board, and everyone knows what it's like at sporting events (heck, even the spectators at the latter can be awful to each other). It's possible that many competitive people are only annoying while they are competing, and perfectly fine the rest of the time, but it doesn't matter much when what we see of them while playing is the bad side. Plus there are those who are clearly like that at other times coughgamergatecough.

I'm not very competitive. It's an unsuccessful combination of avoiding conflict, hating to lose, not getting enough of a rush from winning, and having other things to do with my time. As a result I'm more the type to complain about annoying players than simply be annoying myself. It's probably intellectually dishonest.

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The slow-cooked lemon-pepper chicken and potatoes are smelling so good with an hour remaining in the crock. It's a good thing I can have a pear to take the edge off my appetite. Haven't made this particular recipe in a while and I think I'll appreciate it tonight.

Finished Oryx and Crake and just about finished with the audio version of In the Sea There Are Crocodiles. Both interesting books in their own rights. I love having an ebook,an audio book, and a print book at hand at all times, heh. No matter what I am doing, I can fit a book in there (except while playing Hearthstone and such).

On the treadmill for 43 minutes today, much of it spent alternating between 3.3 and 5.0 mph. Ran 5 mph for a combined  total of 20 minutes. Tried doing 5.5 at first and I could feel myself running out of oxygen, like last time. So I should probably stick with 5 mph for a while, until it's not so much of an effort. Distance "traveled": 2.7 miles. I wish I could have gone for a full 5K, but this session genuinely wore me out so I'll have to work up to that.

Finally faced another mage player in Hearthstone and that battle took forever. I didn't win, but it was an educational experience. Dunno why so many players are salty about mages, when rogues keep straight-up assassinating every decent minion I put on the board. >:(

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