May. 12th, 2015

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Day 2 of an experiment that involves staying the heck away from news, politics, and particularly aggressive social media (looking at you, Reddit). It can be a little hard to burn the free time if I'm not partaking of those things, but not only should I not be dependent upon stress-inducing noise, I also shouldn't be burning time anyway.

If there were anything I could do about the news and politics out there, then I could justify the stress it all gives me. Then again, it probably wouldn't stress me out as much. The helplessness, I think, has a lot to do with it.

Today I've been reading Oryx and Crake, which is a longer book than I thought it would be. Managed to get some reading in while on the elliptical, even. Did the laundry, did the dishes, took out the trash, fit the book in there. It wasn't hard. Have gone over 13,000 steps so far today (as of 5 PM), and should easily be able to get at least 5,000 more with the book on my phone.

Oryx and Crake
is so depressing; Atwood really lets the pessimism flow when she writes, doesn't she? At least it isn't terrifying, like The Handmaid's Tale was.

Checking out the indie music labels Polyvinyl and Monstercat. Good stuff, I haven't been involved enough in indie since New Music Monthly had trouble bringing out issues of its magazine after 9/11. That's a pretty long time.

I'm going to try writing here every day, even if I just type some pap and call it a day. I have to break myself out of this mess in my head. Messy walls. They are full of faults but very thick and high, like rocks piled around in a circle. They look easy to get past but they are heavy and kind of all over the place. So you just have to move a rock at a time. And go out there every day.

This morning I weighed in at 114.6 pounds. Finally letting go of my fear that I'll just gain weight again. Keeping an eye on the scale numbers and knowing that I can eat less/exercise more if I need to helps a lot. I am in control of this.

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Hey, you know, there are these 6-word stories.... They aren't even stories, really, as you can't have a beginning, middle, and end within such a constraint, not really. I'm still a little proud of my blasphemous creation "This is Heaven? God, You lied.", but let's be realistic, it sounds like a writing prompt.

A couple of days ago, anyway, I tried writing micro-mini stories, adding more words as I went:

6-Word Story

I found the mountain, and stayed.


I couldn't find anything else but I found the mountain.

25-Word Story

Could I say I found the mountain when I touched its base but only saw its peak? And that only because it was cloudless noon.

Each "story" expresses a different idea. Each one is also not a freakin' story. It makes me wonder what happens if we attempt to use even fewer words:

1-Word Story


2-Word Story

I couldn't.

3-Word Story

Touch the base!

Yeah, let's be serious, it's like a psychological exercise to help you work out a theory on what a story is in the first place. I have heard of such minimalist poetry. Poetry has fallen out of the public's favor for a reason.

So if we require a beginning, middle, and an end, how few words can we get away with?


I couldn't find anything else but I found the mountain.


Still, could I say I found the mountain, when I touched its base but only saw its peak?


I stayed there, at the base, because I didn't need to find the rest.

Guh, what a mess. But it is perhaps, technically, a story, pointless as it is. It's pointless because there is no chara, just a formless narrator wallowing in fatalism. The total lack of a chara is probably the biggest problem with miniature storylets. The people in stories are all too often the first to go when the writer has to ration priorities- and that's messed up.

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