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Behold the new ticker!

I could have sworn they used to have a more vaporwave-y slider for this definitely vaporwave-y meter. In the end I chose the green bunny because its color goes well with the meter's purple.

The idea this time around is to write something in the genre of light novels. They are just the opposite of self-conscious. They don't worry whether or not a sentence or paragraph or *entire scene* furthers the plot. And literally any plot will do, it seems, no matter how wild. The only goal is to entertain a percentage of the reading public that the rest of publishing ignores.

Part of me keeps comparing what I see in LNs and what I used to write. And I'm like... I could have done this years ago. I really think I could have.

The rest of me feels uncertain.

But at least this feels doable. If I stick my writing on Wattpad, I think it'll technically be considered a WN (web novel); that's how Sword Art Online and Log Horizon got their starts.

I'm keeping another blog on Medium that nobody reads. Two blogs with no views. A different sort of writer's block.

Yesterday I ate 1,500 calories that I should not have. It began when I ate the two extra biscuits left over from the can of five. I just couldn't stand freezing them, they looked too delicious. Those carbs lowered my inhibitions to rock bottom and I wound up destroying the last of my Easter candy stash: 900 calories of Reese's peanut-butter eggs. Later I ate 4 English muffins. At least they were only 100 cals each, but still. And they were plain, no peanut butter. Still.

I would have stood at 1,500 cals for the day without all that. So I doubled it. Which undid all my good behavior on Sunday.

I'm a little sad, is all. It isn't even about weight, not really, since I seem to have that under control. It's about health. Don't want to get diabetes. Don't want to stress my heart or liver or microbiome.

Not that the biscuits and candy and English muffins weren't really, really good.

Not sure where the balance is to be found.

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