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Okay: I now have so many outlets for creativity and activities for the mind. For Christmas I got a couple of coloring books, new colored pencils, and graph paper. Today Half Price Books had a 20%-off-everything sale, so used my gift card and an extra twenty to buy a collection of poetry prompts, a book intended to help me make a habit of drawing, another dot-to-dot book, yet another 500-puzzle volume of word searches, and a sort of Spirograph clone that is simpler than the original but satisfying anyway. I pretty much CAN'T run out of stuff to do now. Also ALSO I was able to get another puzzle pack for my jigsaw app with the gold I'd earned.

Not to mention! At Half Price I took the plunge and bought a couple of Japanese-language instruction volumes; one includes a CD. I really should see how much more Japanese I can learn.

All this combined with the increased physical training I want to get into tomorrow should keep me busy. No time for anxiety or sadness, hopefully.

Incidentally, I figure I'll let go of Spotify for a while, depending on Hoopla and free-and-legal sites for my offline listening. Jamendo, Bandcamp, and NoiseTrade are filled with talented artists doing awesome things; they deserve more listens.

(Technically I should also pay more attention to indie authors, but it's harder to do that without paying money or settling for fan fiction.)

Heh, I just now downloaded a bunch of free albums from Amazon. Those are always a mixed bag but there is definitely some interesting stuff to be found in releases like that.

So okay... a New Year resolution that starts early is to waste a LOT less time on lurking around Twitter and much more on actually doing things. Consuming media, creating art, making the brain's gears turn.

UPDATE: Have now bought the entire discography of the vaporwave label, Business Casual. Hey, it was only one dollar for 131 releases. That should keep me busy for a while. Also planning on keeping an eye on Groupees. Actually I have some albums over there that I have to download. All this combined with the albums on Hoopla and even filling in with library CDs should keep the desire for Spotify at bay.

Still keeping Hulu, though. There's no reason to get rid of it; for $8 a month I get quite a lot of value, especially since it's frequently the streaming site that works best on the gym's wifi.

Look at all the stuff I can do if I don't spend all day on Twitter!

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